Tips For Buyers

There Is No Such Thing As A Perfect Home, But There Is A Home That Is Perfect For You.

Buying a home is a giant undertaking. It is also one of the biggest purchases you make in your lifetime. It can be thrilling and nerve-racking at the same time, especially if you are a First Time Home Buyer. It is difficult to know exactly what to expect. The learning curve can be steep, but most of the issues can be resolved by hiring a team of professionals that can guide you through the process.If you are an Experienced Home Buyer or a First Time Home Buyer it would be a pleasure to have you as our customer. We are very excited about our home buying process and we want nothing more than being able to share that success with you. Here are few tips that you may find helpful.

  •  Set the correct expectations; know what you want before starting the buying process.
  • Be patient and realistic when looking for your first home.
  • Protect yourself: get pre-qualified so that you know your buying power and limitations.
  • Have a good conversation with a loan officer or mortgage broker to check all the options regarding financing. Learn what special programs, down payment incentives are available to you through grants and state bonds.
  • Get educated on down payment, closing cost, home taxes and insurance. These play a substantial role in your monthly payment.
  • Obtain a pre-qualification letter from a mortgage company or bank. Having an approval in hand gets a buyer to the front of the line in making offers.
  • Educate yourself on a local market conditions.
  • Do not get too emotional about the home until escrow is closed.
  • Keep in mind that location, location, location is one of the most important things when buying a home.
  • Find a home in a neighborhood that has amenities that will fit your needs
  • Remember your first home most likely won’t be your last.
  • When you feel the feeling of finding your dream, act quickly and call us!