Tips For Sellers

Make The First Impression Lasting

First impressions are the most lasting and the most important to the sale of YOUR home.

As a seller you need to make your home attractive to a potential buyer/s. The time, effort and limited financial investment involves can give you the competitive edge needed to sell your home when you want-at the price you want.The exterior is the first thing a perspective buyer sees, so make it shine.  Here are few important tips to enhance the look of your home:

  •  Lawn is well cut and neatly trimmed.
  • All debris is disposed of any toys and lawn equipment are neatly stored.
  • The roof, gutters are cleaned and in good repair.
  • Torn screens and broken windows are replaced.
  • Windows, doors are cleaned and doorknobs are polished.
  • Front lights are on good working order.
  • Embellish your door, entry area with a nice, big potted plant/s.
  • Pop a new, welcome mat in front of the door.

You wow the potential buyers with the exterior make over now it is time to make an impact on them when their make their way inside. Keep in mind that everyone has his or her own style but your role as a seller is to present simple, clean, attractive home that exudes potential-an empty, yet enticing, palette for your home’s next owners.

  •  Simplify by placing overwhelming, unnecessary furniture in storage.
  • Remove all the clutter; make sure kitchen and bathroom countertops are as clear as possible.
  • Keep toys organized in closets and shelves.
  • Eliminate odors especially if you have indoor pets or there is smoker in the house.
  • Vacuum your floors, carpets daily, if needed have the carpets be professionally cleaned.
  • Hang fresh towels in the bathrooms.
  • Touch up your paint in areas when needed.
  • Replace all nonfunctioning bulbs in your light fixtures and vanities.
  • Make sure all the faucets are drip-free.
  • Let the light in by opening the blinds or curtains.
  • Thoroughly clean all you home, appliances, including the inside of your oven and microwave.
  • Lastly, lets make your home theirs! Remove all family photos and personal items. It is hard for perspective buyers to imagine themselves living in house that is so yours.
  • Let us be the judge of your hard work …